Date: January 10, 2021
Cannabis Edibles & How They Affect The Body

Edibles are their own unique category of product within the cannabis industry. Each type of edible has different characteristics, uses, and benefits. Different from smoking or vaping, edibles are absorbed through oral or gastrointestinal use. There are many different types of cannabis edibles and below we get specific with types of products that have become very popular over the years.


Honey – one of nature’s natural sugars and easy to pair with so many food products. Edible honey is gaining popularity in the cannabis industry. Absorbing the gastrointestinal system, edible honey is potent and should be used as directed by the product brand.

While potent, edible honey can taste delicious! Mix it with our favorite tea for some High Tea time, use it as a sugar replacement while baking your cookies, drizzle on top of your waffles and pancakes, and use it for sore throats mixed with a little bit of lemon.


Who doesn’t enjoy gummy candy occasionally? Sour patch kids, sour watermelons, gummy worms – all of these great candies are now in edible form.

Considered a type of food edible gummies can be very potent and very delicious. Generally only needed in a small serving it is best to follow the directions on the package. Since this type of edible is ingested, allow time for the high to take effect before ingesting more. Gummies are a great way to enjoy your high and kill your sweet tooth for the day.


An alcohol-based extract absorbed through the mouth or tongue, tinctures have become very common over the past decade. THC and CBD tinctures, as well as a mixture of the two, can be found at almost all dispensaries now. Their ease of usage is great for those who are looking to discreetly use cannabis or want greater control of their high.

How to use: Place a droplet of the product under your tongue and allow it to sit for some time. This will give the cannabinoids time to soak through orally and enter the bloodstream.


An OG edible in the cannabis industry – the classic brownies. Let’s get real, you’ve probably had a brownie once or twice before. Considered a cannabis food similar to other forms of candy and sweet treats, brownies have been tried and true for decades.

Brownies and other edible foods such as pizza sauce, popcorn, and candy can be incredibly potent and should be taken with care. Ingested through gastrointestinal use takes longer to feel the THC effects. It is always best to start with less, give it time to settle into your system, and go from there for your high.

Final Thoughts

It’s very important to remember to start with a small dose when taking cannabis edibles as many factors can affect your high. While smoking and vaping can give almost instant effects, ingesting may take longer and may last longer. Factors that will dictate your level of high and the length of time can include medications, weight, tolerance level, your last meal, and your overall body composition. If you have questions regarding edibles reach out to our experts at The Open Dør.