Date: January 21, 2021
What You Need to Know for Arizona’s Recreational Laws

As of January 22, 2021, Arizona dispensaries began selling recreational cannabis! Thanks to Prop 207, also known as the Smart and Safe Act, passing in November 2020 adult-use cannabis is now legal in Arizona. While not all dispensaries have received their adult-use license yet it is clear that the hope of sales beginning in May has certainly begun early. As of Monday, January 25 86 adult-use licenses had been awarded to different medical dispensaries throughout the state by the Arizona Department of Health Services. So, now that recreational cannabis sales and use are legal what does this mean for you? 

Purchasing and Possession

Cannabis is now legal for adults 21 and older in the state of Arizona to purchase, possess, and use. Whether you have a medical marijuana license or are buying recreationally you have the ability to purchase flower, edibles, topicals, extracts, and salves. Adults looking to purchase cannabis recreationally have a purchase and possession limit of 1 ounce (28 grams); whereas, medical marijuana patients have the ability to purchase and possess up to 2.5 ounces (70 grams) every 14 days. 

Another key difference between medical patients and recreational users of cannabis is the percentage in taxes. Because medical patients are using cannabis for one or more of the qualifying conditions defined by the state they pay the state tax at dispensaries – anywhere between 6%-9%. However, those looking to purchase and use cannabis recreationally will pay the 6%-9% tax plus an additional 16% excise tax

Cannabis must be purchased at a licensed dispensary for both medical patients and adults. Delivery services are available for those with a medical marijuana card. As of right now, delivery is not available under adult-use permits.


Medical patients and adults looking to use cannabis recreationally can safely consume cannabis in private. However, it is important to note that some apartment complexes do not allow the use of cannabis. Public use of marijuana for patients and adults is illegal, as well as driving under the influence. As an employee, there are some protections from employers as a registered medical marijuana patient, but companies do hold the right to a drug-and-alcohol free environment. 


Home cultivation is now legal in Arizona thanks to Prop 207. Adults 21+ can grow up to 6 mature plants, if two or more adults live together they can grow up to 12 plants maximum. If growing cannabis it must be kept out of the public view. Registered patients and their designated caregivers in the state of Arizona are able to grow up to 12 plants. If one does decide to home cultivate as a patient the plants must still be kept out of public view.

Final Thoughts

Now that adult-use cannabis has passed and is legal to purchase it is imperative that you follow laws regarding cannabis. It is still illegal to smoke in any public setting, on state property, or on federal property. Operating any machinery under the influence, even with a medical card, is not legal. Anyone under the age of 21 cannot possess, purchase, or use cannabis without a medical card. Stay Smart and Safe in Arizona by staying up to date with cannabis laws

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